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Doula: AAIMM Doula Program

Doulas are professional childbirth companions who provide emotional support, physical comfort, education and advocacy to women and persons during pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn period. Doula support can reduce medical interventions, including c-sections, improve your mood and satisfaction with your birth experience, and increase your breastfeeding success! Doula support can be provided while maintaining social distancing guidance.

Doula: Frontline Doulas c/o Diversity Uplifts Inc.

A Perinatal Health Program Providing Black Families With Black Doulas At No Cost

Doula: SBCC Thrive L.A.

Since 1973, SBCC has been empowering communities across Los Angeles County to discover and develop tools through active individual and collective well-being. We are a social change agency empowering Los Angeles residents to develop lasting skills for the betterment of themselves and in turn their community.

Early Head Start

Early Head Start provides comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income families who are pregnant or parenting infants and toddlers. Early Head Start offers weekly child-focused visits that promote the parents’ ability to support the child’s development. Early Head Start can also provide parents with resources and support to help achieve family health, financial or other goals. Twice per month, the program also offers opportunities for parents and children to come together as a group for learning, discussion, and social activity.

Early Steps to School Success

Early Steps to School Success assists mothers, babies, and young children with language, social and emotional development. It supports parents to be the first and best teacher for their child and develops strong home-school connections. The program provides early learning through home visits, book exchanges, and parenting groups that help ensure babies and children develop the language and reading skills they need to succeed in school. The program can begin when moms are pregnant, and it follows newborns, infants, and toddlers through age five.

Harbor Regional Center

Harbor Regional Center serves nearly 15,000 people with developmental disabilities, and their families, who reside in the South Bay, Harbor, Long Beach, and southeast areas of Los Angeles County. Regional centers serve people of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families, infants with a significant developmental delay, high risk, or established risk for developmental disability, and pregnant women who are at risk for having a child with this type of disability.

Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America (HFA) is a program for families who may have experienced violence or other traumatic events, or who have experience with mental health, substance abuse, or other challenges. The program aims to help parents promote their children’s social-emotional development, school readiness, and physical health. HFA services can begin during pregnancy or within three months of birth and are available up to the child’s third or fifth birthday. For the first six months after a child’s birth, HFA provides one visit per week. Visit frequency is then determined by families’ needs and desires over time.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start seeks to help women improve their health, achieve healthy births, and strengthen family resilience. The program provides health insurance enrollment assistance, health and parenting education, and connections to other services such as housing, mental health treatment, clothing donations, and more. Healthy Start serves pregnant women and women with children ages 0-2.

MAMA’s Neighborhood

MAMA’s Neighborhood is a healthcare and parent support program that is particularly helpful for women experiencing medical challenges, behavioral health conditions, or complex, stressful life circumstances (e.g., homelessness, incarceration). It offers pregnancy and child birth education, stress reduction techniques, breastfeeding education and support, baby care and parenting classes, childhood education resources, and connections to other support. In MAMA’s Neighborhood, the frequency of home, community, and clinic-based support may be customized to parents’ needs. MAMA’s Neighborhood is open to all Medi-Cal-eligible pregnant women in L.A. County.

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a home visiting program for low-income, first-time mothers who are early in pregnancy (no later than 28 weeks). Nurse-Family Partnership offers regular visits from a public health registered nurse starting in early pregnancy and continuing through the child’s second birthday. The program has three main goals: healthy births, healthy child development, and family economic success. The program achieves these goals by providing health and parenting education, and by helping parents develop a vision for their future, plan pregnancies, continue their education, and find work. Nurse-Family Partnership is offered throughout L.A. County, and has a program specifically for pregnant students in Los Angeles Unified School District.

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers helps parents learn about early childhood development, safe parenting practices, and how to help their children start school ready to succeed. The program provides one-on-one visits once or twice a month, monthly group meetings, and health and developmental screenings for children. It also connects families to additional services and resources they may need. The program is open for enrollment from pregnancy up to the time the child enters kindergarten.

Parents as Teachers Telehealth at University of Southern California (USC)

Parents as Teachers Telehealth is an online parent education program offered by the University of Southern California (USC). Families participate in live, online meetings with parent educators using a computer, laptop, or tablet to discuss parenting and ways to encourage children’s development. Parents are also able to get together online with other parents in the program to learn and support each other and share experiences that lead to growth as a parent. For those who do not have a computer, laptop, or tablet, USC can provide one.

Partnerships for Families

Partnerships for Families is a home visiting program offered to pregnant women and families with children under 12 months of age who have experienced challenges related to domestic violence, mental health, or substance abuse. Partnerships for Families’ in-home support focuses on family goals, caring relationships, child development, creating a safe environment, family financial stability, and connections to resources. Staff may provide in-home visits two or more times per month, for up to 12 months.
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Raising Baby, Jewish Family Service LA's home visiting program

Raising Baby is a no-cost program for expectant parents who are in their third trimester of pregnancy. Their highly trained staff will offer you guidance, support, and parent education as you and your baby move through the first three years of life. Raising Baby offers home visits via teleconferencing on a bi-weekly basis (weekly, if desired) from a Licensed Clinician and Parent Coach. You will have the opportunity to participate in monthly group sessions with other parents of your child’s same age in order to help build a community of support. Raising Baby provides early childhood education and interactive parent-child activities from Parents as Teachers.

Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby is a home visiting program for pregnant women who deliver, or plan to deliver, at participating hospitals in L.A. County (please click “Website” at right and scroll down for list of hospitals). The program is offered during pregnancy through the baby’s first nine months. It can include an in-hospital visit to help new moms with breastfeeding, plus information about bonding and attachment and taking care of the baby. Families receive a visit at home with a nurse a few days after returning from the hospital. In subsequent visits, a personal Parent Coach provides support and education on parenting and child development, along with items for mom and baby (e.g., nursing pillows, toys, and baby-proofing supplies for the home).

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