Free Home Visiting Programs in L.A. County

L.A. County has the biggest network of home visiting programs in the nation. Here are all the home visiting models and programs included in this directory. If we missed one or got anything wrong here, please let us know.

Home Visiting Models

There are various models that organizations use to deliver home visiting services. Each model has its own eligibility requirements, and it may use different materials and have a slightly different approach. But all are free and voluntary, and the goal of each is to make life easier and better for you and your family. These are the models they use:

These are the models they use:

  • Early Head Start
  • Early Steps to School Success
  • Healthy Families America
  • Healthy Start
  • Nurse-Family Partnership
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Partnerships for Families
  • Raising Baby
  • Welcome Baby

Doula programs are also included in this directory.

Organizations That Offer Home Visiting Services

These are the organizations and hospitals that offer free support to pregnant people and families in Los Angeles County:

Allies for Every Child

Early Head Start

: 310-846-4100
Antelope Valley Medical Center

Welcome Baby

: 661-942-4719 , Ext. 107
Antelope Valley Partners for Health

Healthy Families America

: 661-942-4719
California Hospital Medical Center

Welcome Baby

: 213-342-3127
Centinela Hospital Medical Center

Welcome Baby

: 323-242-5000 , Ext. 2218
Child and Family Guidance Center

Healthy Families America

: 661-265-8627 , Ext. 2872
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Organizations That Offer Doula Services

These are the organizations that offer free doula support in Los Angeles County: